Common Thread Quilt Guild

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Welcome to the library.  I hope that everyone can find interesting books and magazines in our collection.Our library also includes a collection of rulers that can be borrowed on a monthly basis. Come and browse our great library collection at our monthly meetings. .

We open at 6:30pm and close at 7:20pm so that we may return the books to the cupboard before the meeting starts.

The books are divided into five categories: patchwork, applique, instructional, speciality and art. You may borrow up to four books and four magazines each month provided you show us a valid membership.

The lending period is one month. The fine for late returns in one dollar per item per month.

Reservations may be made through the form below or in the reservation book in the library on a first come first serve basis. The inventory lists are on the website.

We can always user more volunteers to work during the library hours.

Our Library Catalogue (in Excel format):

  • Library Items 2019-01-08
    • all the items are in the same Excel file – use the tabs at the bottom to see the items in the different categories 

To reserve a book or magazine, please complete the following form.

Fields marked with an * are required

Common Thread Quilt Guild