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Quilt Show 2024

Save the Date:  14-15 June 2024 !!

The upcoming CTQG Quilt Show will be held Friday & Saturday June 14-15, 2024 at the Earl Armstrong Arena, 2020 Ogilvie Road. link to map
Plenty of free parking is available at this location.

Hours of show will be:

  • Friday June 14th:    10:00am-7:00pm
  • Saturday June 15th:  10:00am- 6:00pm

Tickets will remain at $10



The 2024 show categories are:

  • LARGE: a quilt with a perimeter of 350” or greater (Maximum of 1 Entry)
  • MEDIUM: a quilt with a perimeter of (181”-349”)
  • SMALL: a quilt with a perimeter of 180” or less
  • MINIATURE: a quilt with a perimeter less than 96” total. If blocks are used they must be 4” or less. A bound full-size block is not considered a miniature, neither is a hexagon quilt made with pieces 1⁄2” or greater. The overall pattern MUST show a miniaturization of a quilt.
  • ASSORTED QUILT ITEMS: Quilted clothing, bags, pillows, etc.
  • YOUTH – Special Exhibit: There are two categories for youth to show their quilting skills:  a) youth under 13 years and   b) youth between 14 and under 18 years. Age is determined by the entrant’s age as of March 31, 2024. They can use any technique, but size is limited to less than 350” perimeter. Youth must be registered as a member (no membership fee required), and have a close connection with an adult CTQG member. (Maximum of 1 Entry)
  • BLACK & WHITE PLUS ONE – Quilt Show Challenge category: a quilt with a perimeter of 349” or less, made with black and white fabric (remember that black and white make grey), plus one other colour OR one other fabric . (Maximum of 1 Entry)

Pre-Quilt Show Challenge:  No Touch Mini Quilts

  • Make little quilt(s) no bigger than 12” x 12” (fully finished) that says “don’t touch the quilts” in a clever, pictorial way. Add a 2” Sleeve, sign and date the back. Hand it in to the Quilt Show table at guild night for your chance at $$ prizes.
  • For more info on this fun challenge, check out the No Touch Quilt Challenge page here.


Hope your creative juices are inspired! It’s NEVER too soon to start a quilt!

Janice Namiesnowski
[email protected]

Common Thread Quilt Guild