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Volunteer of the Year Award


Commencing in 2017, the Common Thread Quilt Guild began to Volunteer of the Year Award. This volunteer will be announced at the monthly Guild meeting in June. The award will be given to a guild member who has displayed ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication. In the last year, the member will have made an exceptional contribution to the Guild. This includes volunteer work on behalf of the Guild in support of charity organizations.

Any member in good standing can nominate another member in good standing for the award. The Executive Committee will assess all nominations against the criteria listed below to select the member who best fulfills the criteria. A vote will be conducted when there is a tie among candidates. Executive Members who have been nominated for Volunteer of the Year will be excluded from this process.

Prior to any announcement, the President of the Guild will contact the successful candidate to ensure they are willing to accept the award. If not, the second runner up will be approached. A member can only receive this award once. An unsuccessful nomination does not preclude the member from being nominated in successive years.

Nominations must provide specific and concrete examples that show how the nominee is outstanding and deserving of this award. The nomination must show how and where the member has made a difference.

Selection Criteria:

  •  Role – describe the member’s contribution
  •  Impact – describe how this member’s work has addressed a priority of the Guild and had a lasting impact on others
  •  Reach – describe who had benefited
  •  Engagement – describe how the member’s work has sparked others to engage in a collective effort
  •  Challenges – describe how the member has overcome challenges to make their contribution to the Guild
  •  Inspiration – describe how the member has earned the respect of, and become a role model for, Guild members

Completed Lifetime-Volunteer Nomination Form may be sent via email to, or dropped off at a Guild Meeting by March 31, 2019.

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