Welcome to the library.  I hope that everyone can find interesting books and magazines in our collection.Our library also includes a collection of rulers that can be borrowed on a monthly basis. Come and browse our great library collection at our monthly meetings. .

We open at 6:30pm and close at 7:20pm so that we may return the books to the cupboard before the meeting starts.

The books are divided into five categories: patchwork, applique, instructional, speciality and art. You may borrow up to four books and four magazines each month provided you show us a valid membership.

The lending period is one month. The fine for late returns in one dollar per item per month.

Reservations may be made through the form below or in the reservation book in the library on a first come first serve basis. The inventory lists are on the website.

We can always user more volunteers to work during the library hours.

New Books


  • Vibrant Quilt Collage (726) by Bethan Ash describes a spontaneous approach to  fused art quilts. The author encourages you to tap into your creative instinct using free cut and fused collage. Topics include instinctive abstracts, inspiration and intuition, colour, composition and surface effects, design and creative play. Along the way are exercises and many examples to help you design you own work.
  • Creative Quilt Challenges (727) by Pat Pease and Wendy Hill. The book presents several challenges which can be done individually or as a group. Each author undertakes each challenge individually and shows the project from beginning to end starting with the challenge concept (for example “the value of value”) and then how to make it your own. As they go through the process they discuss colour and design decisions, show you the project under construction and describe why it works. The last section is on special techniques. This book is not a pattern book but gives much insight into an artistic process.
  • Wild Blooms and Colorful Creatures (728) by Wendy Williams has been donated to the library. It contains 15 applique projects primarily using wool felt on linen, cotton and wool backgrounds giving a three dimensional effect. However the whimsical patterns for flowers and animals could easily be made with all cotton fabrics. There are patterns for bags, pillows, table runners and wall hangings.
  • Caliente Quilts (729) by Priscilla  Bianchi describes a fusion of the Mayan textile traditions of Guatemala and quilting. There are colourful and vibrant quilts using ethnic fabrics and bold commercial fabrics. The history of Guatemalan textiles, inspirations from Guatemalan landscapes, architecture and the market, and patterns for a number of projects accompany an extensive gallery of quilts. This book and the following magazine are also donations.
  • American Quilter from December 2014 (M530) has some interesting articles on modern quilting and improvisation.
  • Canadian Quilting Spring 2016 (M531) and Summer 2016 (M532) will also be available in September.

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