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There is an exciting variety of workshops offered to you this year.

When considering a workshop, we have a few objectives in mind:

  • teach you new skills
  • have fun, and
  • strengthen friendships.

You can sign up for workshops online or in-person at a Guild meeting. Payment, however, still needs to be made in person at Guild meetings.  Your place isn’t secure until we receive your payment.  We may be able to accept an e-transfer.

We assume you know how your sewing machine works before coming to class. If you’re not sure whether the workshop will be too easy or too difficult, Carol, Sandra or the teacher will be glad to give you some guidelines.  If there is pre-course homework, please do your best to complete it so that you can better follow along with the workshop.

Rooms are booked with the City of Ottawa.  We choose locations with natural light and they are accessible.  We hope you will help to set up the room and clean up at the end of the day.  Please check when the doors open as we won’t be there before then.

While not all workshops have been finalized yet, here is a list of what is being considered:

  • Jellyroll Rug with Paulette Warner
  • Sting Me Along with Irene Lafleche
  • INDIGO – For The Love of Blue with Bethany Garner
  • Surviving January with Bill Stearman
  • Razzle (more details to come later)
  • Patchwork Illusion workshop with Paul Leger
  • Ruler Quilting with Tara Starzomski

If you have a workshop idea, please let us know by email at or stop by our table at our monthly meetings.

Workshop Workshop FAQ

We support our LQS’s (Local Quilt Shops) wholeheartedly and are NOT in competition! We rely on the LQS for their expertise – and their supplies! However, there are several reasons why you would take a workshop through the Guild:

    1. As much as possible, we run the workshops on a “cost recovery” basis. However, when we are lucky enough to have a teacher who is in exceptionally high demand come to our guild, the fees may be subsidized so that as many members as possible may participate – yes, membership does have its privileges!
    2. We try to give budding local designers and teachers the opportunity to expand and hone their skills – and encourage guild members to take leadership roles!  We have very talented members, even if we do say it ourselves.
    3. We like to bring our members together in social situations. How much more fun is quilting when you do it with friends?!
  1. We listen to YOU when planning the workshops, and try to respond to YOUR interests.
Come with a friend! Non-members are welcome. Who knows, they may not be a “non-member” for long!

This is how it works:  members are always given first preference, but 30 days before the workshop is scheduled to take place, any remaining spots are opened to the general public.  If that person is already a member of any other guild (OVQG, Modern Guild, etc.), they pay no extra fee.

Those who are not a member of any other guild are asked to pay an additional $10. This is a new policy, aimed at making new friends across traditional local boundaries.

All workshops this year are held in the Notre Dame des Champs Community Hall, 3659 Navan Road, and go from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We send you a map and detailed instructions when you register. There is no bus service, but if transportation is a problem, let us know and maybe we can arrange a lift.

You can bring your coffee with you. And bring your lunch too – you won’t want to miss even a minute by having to find somewhere to eat at noon (options in the area are limited)!

Most workshops are only $40 (unchanged from last year), although some are $50 for certain “rock stars” of the quilting world.

The workshops are limited to 12 participants (unless otherwise stated.)

Visit the highly approachable people at the WORKSHOPS table on Guild meeting evenings. Carol Nicholson and  Sandra Baynes will have all the info as well as classroom samples to inspire you. Or email.
When more than the maximum participants per workshop are enrolled, we establish a waiting list, and look into adding another session.

All fees are payable to CTQG when you register (cash or cheques are accepted). Payment is your confirmation of registration. Talk to Carol or Sandra if e-transfers are your thing.

Once you are registered, we are unable to make a refund if you can’t attend. However, we will put you in touch with someone from the waiting list, or you may make arrangements for someone else to replace you. Just keep workshop folks informed. If we are forced to cancel a workshop for any reason, all money will be refunded.

Workshop Gallery

2019-2020 Workshops

Workshop Name – Jellyroll Rug –  Friday September 27, 2019  

  • Instructor: Paulette Warner
  • Location: Centre Notre-Dame-Des-Champs Recreation Centre, 3659 Navan Road
  • Time: 9:00 to 1:00 (Doors open at 8:45 – Class starts at 9:00)
  • Date: Friday September 27
  • Cost:
    • 1 day: $25.00 members $35.00 non-members
  • Skill level: Confident beginner to an experienced quilter looking to learn a new technique.
  • Maximum number : 12
  • Notes: Bring a snack.
  • Register: On-line or at the September guild meeting. Spaces are available.


Workshop Name – String Me Along – POSTPONED until 2020  

  • Instructor: Irene Lafleche
  • Location: Centre Notre-Dame-Des-Champs Recreation Centre, 3659 Navan Road
  • Time: 9:30 to 4:00 (Doors open at 9:30)
  • Date: Postponed to 2020
  • Cost:
    • $30.00 members $40.00 non-members
  • Skill level: Confident beginner to an experienced quilter looking to learn a new technique.
  • Make: Work towards a lap quilt that is 50″ x 78″
  • Maximum number : 15
  • Notes: Bring a lunch or pick up something down the street.
  • Register: On-line or in person at the workshop desk. Spaces are available.

Do you have scraps or fat quarter collections that are just waiting to be used?

The quilt you make in class will measure 50” x 78” with scraps or 20-25 fat quarters and 2 yards of background fabric. You can make it larger or smaller to fit your needs just be adjusting the number of block you make.  There are two methods for making the blocks; paper piecing or template (flip and sew). We will cover both in class so you can choose the method you prefer.


We will be covering the following techniques:

  • Paper-piecing
  • Template (flip and sew)
  • Layout and Quilting options


Workshop Name – INDIGO – For The Love of Blue – Saturday December 7, 2019

  • Instructor: Bethany Garner
  • Location: Centre Notre-Dame-Des-Champs Recreation Centre, 3659 Navan Road
  • Time: 9:30 to 4:30 (Doors open at 8:45)
  • Date: Saturday December 7, 2019
  • Cost:
    • 1 day: $50.00 members $60.00 non-members
    • Kit: $15 includes, handouts, buckets, indigo
  • Skill level: Any
  • Make: dyed fabric, wool threads
  • Maximum number : 15
  • Notes: Bring your lunch or pick something up down the street.
  • Register: On-line or at our guild meeting. Spaces are available.

Please join Bethany Garner as she shares her full-day INDIGO – For The Love of Blue workshop on December 7, 2019.

In your Guild’s Dye Day workshop, students will discover the magic of indigo dyeing with step-by-step instructions for starting and maintaining the Indigo Dye Vat using a wonderful Natural Indigo Dye kit from Jacquard. The Workshop focuses in on ‘easy to use at home’, studio bucket dyeing methods that everyone can use and take away for further exploration as they develop their new skills.

You will be working in small teams to “work” the vats for several types of Indigo dye work. This class is designed to share multiple techniques that delight and stimulate creativity and result in a beautiful collection of hand-dyed fabric samples for you to work with after class. Come learn about fabric preparation, stitching, clamping and wrapping techniques with friends and plan to have an exciting and fun-filled day together.

Enjoy Bethany’s Instructor-led demonstrations and lots of free time to create!

* Dye Kits and buckets as well as tarps for the floors will be provided by the Instructor.

* A comprehensive workshop handout folder is provided.

* Please bring a large container to take home wet papers/fabrics.

* Students are welcome to bring their own fabrics/yarns/threads. THEY MUST BE pre-scoured (washed in hot water and detergent – no bleach and no fabric softeners).

* Student may also purchase “Prepared for Dyeing” 100% cotton from Bethany for $10.50 per metre. (Yardage must be pre-ordered from Bethany at at least two weeks before class. Payment may be by cash, cheque or e-transfer to


Workshop Name –  Surviving January – Sunday February 9, 2020

Bill Stearman is returning this year to lead us through the design and piecing of his
iconic Surviving January quilt.
This 6 hour workshop will focus on a section of the quilt that can be used as a cushion
cover or a mini quilt.
More information will follow in due course.

  • Instructor: Bill Stearman
  • Location: Centre Notre-Dame- des-Champs Recreation Centre, 3659 Navan Road.
  • Time: 9:00 am to 3:30 pm (Doors open at 8:45am)
  • Date:  Sunday February 9, 2020
  • Cost:
    • $35 members, $45 non members
    • Kit: $10 for the pattern and instructions
  • Skill Level:  Any
  • Make: blocks for cushion or mini quilt or start of a larger piece
  • Maximum # of students: tbd
  • Note: Bring a lunch or pick up something down the street.
  • Register: On-line or at our guild meeting. Spaces are available


Workshop Name – Patchwork Illusions – Saturday March 7, 2020  

In this one day workshop, Paul will share his tips and teach you how to take a traditional quilt block
design to create a 3D illusion patchwork cub using colours as shown here. The amazing layouts
produced can lead to the creation of striking illusion quilts.

  • Instructor: Paul Leger
  • Location: Centre Notre-Dame- des-Champs Recreation Centre, 3659 Navan Road.
  • Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Doors open at 9:00am)
  • Date: Saturday March 7, 2020
  • Cost:
    • 1 day: $70.00 members $80.00 non-members
    • Kit: (included in the $70): includes pattern, ruler, enough fabric to complete 2
  • Skill level: tbd
  • Make 2 blocks
  • Minimum 8 students to a maximum number of 20
  • Notes: Bring your lunch or pick something up down the street.
  • Register: On-line or at our guild meeting. Spaces are available.


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