Participants will receive two panels of antique (Isaac) Singer sewing machines and are challenged to cut it up and use it in such a way that the viewer has to play Where’s Waldo? to find it in the finished product. Two winners will receive $50.00 each at the draw in November.


1. All the fabric must be used. No returns!

2. We don’t want to see a picture, we want to see a pattern. The fabric is to be chopped,

not featured, so don’t fussy cut or try to keep shapes intact.

3. Quilts must be a minimum 40” x 60”, quilted and bound.

4. A label must be attached

5. Quilts are to be returned by the October 11, 2016 meeting to be eligible for the prize draw.

6. A draw will be held at the November 8, 2016 meeting. Two members will receive $50.00 each.

Owly Design 2016