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Mystery Quilt Challenge for the 2018/2019 guild season

AMENDED October 20th, 2018

Please help solve the mystery.   Welcome to the CTQG Mystery Quilt Challenge.

Follow the clues each month and win prizes for the solution.   Each clue will be posted as a link here and in the newsletter.   Don’t worry if you miss a month.    All the clues will remain on the website until the June meeting.    This is another fabulous merry Mayhem mystery called Stone Soup (we had so much fun the last time).  Just click on the link below, print and follow the instructions.    Happy quilting!

Mystery Quilt Challenge – Clue # 1

Clue #1 – Addendum – Quilt Dimensions

Mystery Quilt Challenge – Clue # 2

Mystery Quilt Challenge – Clue #3

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